We Provide Professional Services


“Getting the job done wherever, however, no matter how big or small.”

To set new standards of ethics and excellence in delivering to our customers superior quality and value-for-money residential and commercial spaces by employing a team of highly motivated and focused professionals.

Artcom Handyman
One call can solve all your house problems.

  • Artcom Handyman considers it our primary mission to provide a standard of service that instills a high level of trust and satisfaction in our customers.
  • Artcom Handyman team members make it a priority to develop a work environment that places a premium on professionalism, individual strengths, enthusiasm for the job and teamwork, where each member of the team is treated as an essential part of success.
  • The Artcom Handyman philosophy is that it’s possible to provide our customers with top-quality work while maintaining a cost that is affordable and fair. We will not cut corners, but we will never overcharge.


  • We are confident in our work and we want to you be also. When you call on us for your home repair needs, we promise:
  • We will show up at the time agreed. We understand the hassle involved with scheduling home visits and we do everything possible to lessen the stress.
  • We will show the utmost respect to your home. We’ll never leave a mess and we strive to leave things better then we found them.
  • We will conduct ourselves in a manner that demonstrates our professionalism and the respect we have for our customers.
  • We charge for a job completed, not for the number of hours it takes us to complete it. If we tell you we can do a certain job for a certain price, we will complete that job at that price.
  • We are fully ensured and bonded and always stand behind our work, from tightening a few hinges to replacing plumbing or electrical components.


  • We don’t believe that simply fixing a problem is as good as we can do. We like to think that we can do better, and that drives us to take a high level of pride in our skills and the job we do. For us, it’s not simply about finishing a job. It’s also about creating something we can be proud to call our work.
  • If you’re in need of a repair company you can trust, contact us today and let’s get started.

Professional HandyMan

From exhaust fan assessment to reviewing attic space and cleaning refrigerator coils to give you a safe life.

24/7 Services

If you are in emergency situation, please do not worry. We provide 24/7 service. Whenever you call, we service you.

Affordable Price

We do more than a renovation service- we check for glitches that need attention to keep you safe and save your money.

Honesty Quality Artwork & Communication

That’s  why we are Artcom Handyman

We do more than a Handyman, we check for glitches that need attention to keep you safe and save your money.