Baby Proof Your Home

Rest Easy Knowing Your Baby Is Safe

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Baby Proof Your Home

Rest Easy Knowing Your Baby Is Safe

Have a new baby on the way? Congratulations! At Artcom Handyman, we can help ensure that your home is safe and ready to accept the child without fears of them getting hurt. By contacting the experts from your local Artcom Handyman company, you can be confident knowing we will go through your house and minimize any risks that may otherwise have been prevented.Cross this item off your to-do list and put it on ours!

Tips for Baby Proofing Your House

  • Remove sharp, dangerous objects that are within the baby’s reach.

  • Pick up any objects from the floor that could hurt the baby.

  • Secure any large furniture—especially pieces that are top-heavy.

  • Place covers on all of your electrical outlets.

  • Install safety gates in doorways and near stairwells.

  • Add doorstops and door holders throughout your home.

  • Install double hung windows that can be opened from the top.

  • Inspect your home’s smoke detectors and add a fire extinguisher.

  • Install childproof locks on cabinets throughout your house.

Instead of spending your time doing this yourself, contact our professionals! We can come to your house and do these tasks for you—making it a safer environment for the entire family. Artcom Handyman can also perform other tasks to get the house baby-ready, such as painting a nursery, and more.

Call (917) 592-2569 to inquire about our different services.

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