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Whether your goal is to create a rustic vibe or pull off your dream wedding on a real-life budget, these easy DIY  (We will help you) and projects add unique style (without the hefty price tag to match) to any celebration.

Transform simple cork lids—readily available at craft stores (or, with enough forethought, you can collect your own)—into affordable and vibrant place cards. Simply use an .X-ACTO .knife to make a small incision on the top of each Loew Cornell (this is where your place card will sit) and dip each one into a variety of cheerful paint colors.

Plain old Mason Jar get a quick upgrade: Coat jars with a layer of your favorite pastel paint, let dry, and rub all over with Sandpaper to create an antiqued look. Fill each jar with flowers for an easy, rustic centerpiece.

It’s easy to create this sparkling sign with just a few standard craft supplies. Simply download the free printable template, use it as a guide to cut Foam letters, punch holes on either side of each letter, and sprinkle with colored Glitter . Thread ribbon through the holes to tie the sign together.

Perfect for a backyard or barn wedding, these wooden table numbers add a rustic element to your celebration. Print numbers—or even menus—onto card stock and transfer the text or design onto the wooden rounds (readily available at craft stores) using just Elmer’s glue, Mod Podge, and water.

These ultra-chic place cards are much more affordable than they look (hint: to keep costs down, opt for plastic vials and choose blooms wisely. Wildflowers are a pretty and cost-effective choice). Write guests’ names on Kraft Paper, lay it atop pretty fabric, punch a hole through both, and secure tags around each vial with a twist tie.

This three-step craft makes it easy to create art decor-inspired lighting that will give your wedding decor a romantic vibe. Though the tutorial shows tall, narrow tea light holders, any size votive will work. If your venue doesn’t permit candles, use LED alternatives.

Once the ceremony is over, ask a bridesmaid to hand out these homemade confetti poppers for guests to release as you make your way through the crowd. Simply stick a custom label onto push pop containers, fill each one with colorful confetti (don’t forget to double check that your venue allows confetti), and secure the cap.

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